Kornit Direct-to-Garment Printer, Gas Forced Air Belt Dryer, Heat Presses & Ancillary Supplies for Sale

What's in the Kornit 932 NDS Bundle?

  • Kornit Thunder 932 NDS, serial# 932-299

  • Adelco 12' EcoTex single lane gas dryer

  • Standard shirt pallet

  • Child's large & small pallets

  • Sleeve & neck tag pallets

  • Livingston Systems unstructured DTG cap pallet (rare)

  • Geo Knight DK20S Swingaway Heat Press

  • HPN Black Series Cap Press, with cap & pocket pallets

  • HPN Signature Series Mug Press with six (6) unique-sized heating sleeves for various drinkware

  • Kobalt 26 gal. run-quiet air compressor

  • Hand-operated 2.5 ton pallet jack

  • Cricut vinyl cutter

  • Cleaning fluids & inks

  • Our secret recipe for non-staining pretreat(!)

  • Our private recipe sheet for various pretreat/ink settings to get the best results from selected shirt brands

What are the Specs? Does Everything Work?

Everything works great & is fully functional as of the last date of operation, 12/14/20. This system typically ran about 800-1500 prints per month. Every six (6) months, the print carriage, manifold & tanks on this workhorse received a complete tear-down, flush out & cleaning to ensure consistent operation.

This Kornit Thunder runs on 110 V power with a standard 3-prong wall plug. All software is included, along with some miscellaneous boxed parts for minor repairs. Service & tech manuals are included. The Adelco dryer runs on single-phase 220 V power, which must be direct wired. Print pallets are interchangeable, bolt-on accessories. The heat presses are all 100 V, 3-prong plug systems. The DK20S heat press is crated for shipping on its own delivery pallet.

This equipment has run almost every business day for at least five years. The printer has been setup to use Hydra KK inks (more opaque white), but can easily be converted back to Kornit NeoPigment inks. The current configuration is the stock CMYK + W1/W2 for a total of six print heads. Two extra print heads (formerly W1 & W2) are included & boxed, but may need some minor reclaiming. The installed print heads have been flushed with cleaning fluids to remove all ink, then purged with Kornit Priming (Storage) Fluid for long term storage. The print head carriage & waste tray have been secured for shipping & all equipment being stored in a temperature controlled facility. The degas & pressure control systems were operating normally as of the day of shutdown.

The EcoTex belt gas dryer is fully functional. It is stretch wrapped and stored in a temperature controlled facility. Keep in mind that, as its new owner, you will need a flue vented to the outside to remove the exhaust gases from the dryer.

Also provided is an air compressor and hoses so you can quickly setup the pneumatic control system. Everything is ready to run on day one once you get power & gas hooked up. You should need no parts or on-site service calls to get this up and running immediately.

Images & Print Samples?

Attempts were made to record video of the nozzle tests, but it was hard to see the results clearly. In short, nozzle tests for CMY were perfect. K has 2-4 small randomly located missing nozzle notches. W1 is perfect, and W2 has one small missing nozzle notch. The white underbase covers well & prints have never shown banding of any kind, as will be demonstrated in the test print video.

Here are some images of the main equipment. The Kornit side doors are back on the machine; we always kept them off to run the equipment cooler, to see the level in the waste ink tank & to keep an eye on operating pressures.

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Here is a test print run that demonstrates all heads & colors are fully working. Notice the brightness of the Hydra KK white.

Test conditions were: Resolution: 636 x 363 dpi, Production Mode, Pretreat 70%, Interlace-Normal-Double White Pass: Opacity 75%, Double Highlight White Opacity: 55%. These settings are typical of normal use.

NOTE: Machine has been cleaned for storage.

What's the Price?

We're asking $9200 for all of it. The whole works.

Terms & Conditions


All equipment is sold as-is. No warranty is expressed or implied.

Payment in full must be made prior to removal & pickup of equipment. US currency only. Checks or electronic payments must clear before pickup will be arranged.

We are unable to crate, but all equipment is secured, stretch wrapped for shipment & stored in a temperature controlled warehouse. You can get it all on a tilting flatbed truck and secure it.

Buyer assumes responsibility for any damage, liability, insurance & delivery charges from the point of loading for shipment onward.

It would be best if you come and pick it up, but we will try to help get it on a truck if you cannot be here. Just make sure its the right kind of vehicle for this job (covered, able to tie things down, with a way to get something that weighs a ton into it).

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