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Custom decorated apparel is an $8.5B market. Get your share of it.

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15-25% of promo apparel orders are customs - and growing.

A recent Kornit Digital study found reps were turning down custom printed apparel orders because short-run decorators weren't readily available

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Are you really ready to sell into this expanding market?

If not, don't worry. Direct-to-garment (DTG) & sublimation (dye sub) printing are great options for easily adding profitable niche sales to your portfolio

"I was just getting to the close. And then it happened."

Remember a time when you were trying to earn new business or enhance an important client relationship? Your prospecting was on-point & the sales call was really going your way.

And then you got it - a small custom 'test' order or special 'one-off'.

You know, just to see if you can really be a good supplier for them.

Now what?

Bulk suppliers for 500+ of something are everywhere. But what about 5, 10, 25, or 50? A little harder, right?

You don't want to say "no" because it's hard enough getting to the top of a client's preferred distributor list. Besides, being trusted as a valued supplier gives you the edge for even more new business.

It's here where DTG & dye sub become your bridge to these new sales. It expands what you can offer your most valued clients, with no new work on your end.

In other words, DTG & dye sub move your personal sales funnel one step forward. It lets you turn prospects into solid accounts who see you as an indispensable part of their business, because you are solving their problems.

[UPDATE]: Let's face it - clients are suddenly scaling back. New business is harder to find now than just a few weeks ago.

Keep your momentum going by offering high value-added items until the good times return.

In the meantime, here are 5 things short-run clients like to ask for...

Apparel orders of < 144 pieces

Prints with > 6-8 colors or gradients

Mixtures of apparel colors, fits & sizes within orders

Prints on high poly content (50/50, triblends, sportswear) fabrics

Fast order turnaround in days, not weeks

...and here's how we help promo pros just like you offer something special to their clients:

blind shipping drop shipping

Mix, match, pack & ship

Choose all the brands, colors, fits, & sizes you want. Go ahead, really mix it up. We'll discount the whole lot as one bulk order. Get exactly what you need in quantities that make sense for your customers.

custom neck labels locker patch print sleeve printing t shirts

Clever accent prints

Ordinary becomes extraordinary when you offer your clients the added touch of special location accent prints. Their higher perceived value allows you more markup.

pocket print tee

Pocket area possibilities

We developed special tools in-house so you can offer both on-pocket & above pocket prints to your accounts. Plus, we're always happy to do your left chest prints on tees & polos.

custom sweatpants

Left leg sweatpant decoration

Popular in the athleisure market, custom leg prints on sweats always seem to sell well. When sold at retail, these short-run items can leave a nice margin for distributors.

custom printed hats

Wait a minute...printed hats?!?

We asked ourselves: Which one niche is truly under served by DTG? Then we set out to serve it, because we knew our distributors would instantly have a million ideas for custom printed hats. We tested all the colors & got our trade secret print process just right. You'll love offering these with full-color prints to your customers.

long sleeve graphic tees

Long sleeve prints

Whether you prefer the left or right side, we found a way to squeeze up to 16" DTG prints on long sleeves.

custom mugs sublimation t shirts

Spectacular sublimation

When you're looking for some real color power, it's hard to beat sublimation. And there are so many kinds of blanks available. Offer colorful personalized kits to your customer's for their next special event.

custom zip up hoodies custom printed hoodies

Cross-zipper decoration

Cross-zipper prints give promo pros like you a new, interesting option.

Pro Tip: Gildan hoodies are the best for this. The zippers stay covered & prints go all the way across without interruption.

Stain-free prints on blue

Some DTG fabric pretreats discolor blue tees (top). Luckily, our founder is a chemical engineer & has created a proprietary fabric pretreat system (bottom), so you can sell printed blue apparel with confidence.

Scorch-free prints

Certain DTG processes require high heat to set inks. This can scorch brown, red & some yellow fabrics (top). Our gentle curing process pampers your prints with warm air to give you a perfect result for your clients (bottom).

No hidden fees

Get special perks if you're an ASI, PPAI, or SAGE member.

At Northwood, we know distributors are always interested in meeting their sales quota as quickly as possible. Even in tough times.

So let's discuss how you can get your share of the profitable custom printed apparel market.

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