Direct-to-garment printing for promo pros & the public

Short-run & bulk apparel services.

Fast turnarounds shipped in days, not weeks.


Standard Location Front & Back Shirt Prints

per printed inch of width & height, per piece, per location, 6" x 6" or greater
panel prints smaller than 6" x 6" will be billed at twice the listed charges

288 prints - 28 ¢ / in.

144 prints - 29 ¢ / in.

96 prints - 30 ¢ / in.

48 prints - 31 ¢ / in.

24 prints - 32 ¢ / in.

12 prints - 35 ¢ / in.

6 prints - 40 ¢ / in.

3 prints - 45 ¢ / in.

1 print - 50 ¢ / in.

All Other Locations & Prints

per printed inch of width & height, per piece, per location

288 prints - 33 ¢ / in.

144 prints - 36 ¢ / in.

96 prints - 39 ¢ / in.

48 prints - 41 ¢ / in.

24 prints - 44 ¢ / in.

12 prints - 53 ¢ / in.

6 prints - 66 ¢ / in.

3 prints - 85 ¢ / in.

1 print - $1.07 / in.

Art Requirements

Backgrounds must be transparent (no colors, black, or white)

Image format requirements:

- Best: AI/EPS/SVG, layered, 300 dpi, 8-bit

- Acceptable: Hi-res JPEG/PNG/PSD, 300 ppi, at print size

- Formatted CMYK (not RGB)

- Avoid drop-shadows & color-to-transparent effects

We will not accept:

- PDF files of any kind

- Images < 300 dpi

- Small images that need to be expanded > 20%

- Anything that is copyrighted or near-to-copyrighted

- Inappropriate text and images (as we judge it)

How Northwood is Different

blind shipping drop shipping

Mix, match, pack & ship

Choose all the brands, colors, fits, & sizes you want. Go ahead, really mix it up. We'll discount the whole lot as one bulk order. Get exactly what you need in quantities that make sense.

custom neck labels locker patch print sleeve printing t shirts

Clever accent prints

Ordinary becomes extraordinary when you add touch of special location, higher perceived value accent prints.

pocket print tee

Pocket area possibilities

We developed special tools in-house so you can get both on-pocket & above pocket prints. Plus, we're always happy to do your left chest prints on tees & polos.

custom sweatpants

Sweatpant decoration

Popular in the athleisure market, custom leg prints on sweats always seem to sell well. When sold at retail, these short-run items can leave a nice margin for distributors.

custom printed hats

Wait a minute...printed hats?!?

We asked ourselves: Which one niche is truly under served by DTG? Then we set out to serve it, because we knew our customers would instantly have lots of ideas for custom printed hats. Prints for unstructured caps only.

long sleeve graphic tees

Long sleeve prints

Whether you prefer the left or right side, we found a way to squeeze up to 15" DTG prints on long sleeves.

Stain-free prints on blue

Some DTG fabric pretreats discolor blue & blue containing tees (top). Luckily, our founder is a chemical engineer & has created a proprietary fabric pretreat system (bottom), so you can print any color without pretreat stains.

Scorch-free prints

Certain DTG processes require high heat to set inks. This can scorch brown, red & some yellow fabrics (top). Our gentle curing process pampers your prints with warm air to give you a perfect result.

Services & Fees

Setup Fee - $25 / image - waived for native vector, print-ready art

Drop Shipped Goods - $1.00 / pc. inbound processing fee

Folding & Bagging Finished Goods - 85 ¢ / pc.

Blind Shipping - UPS or USPS, prepay & add to invoice

Terms & Conditions

Stated prices do not include landed cost of blanks

For health, safety & insurance reasons, we will not accept unprinted goods from the retail market

Drop Shippers - Only new, domestically sourced blanks will be accepted from known wholesalers

DTG is not recommended for:

- Prints across/on seams or zippers

- Water-repellent treated fabrics

- Textured, pique, or garment-dyed fabrics

- Fabrics > 60% polyester

Images with higher than 70% coverage in print area may be priced higher


Payment in full must be made prior to shipment & delivery of all goods.

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Offering custom apparel printing services to the trade & public. Located in greater Pittsburgh, PA.

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